What does it look like when an astronaut fulfills a dream? NC State grad gives a peek

An astronaut with ties to North Carolina offers a spectacular glimpse into a dream fulfilled.

Christina Koch’s dramatic photo shows a rocket thrusting its way into space on Wednesday, NASA said.

Koch, a NASA astronaut and N.C. State University graduate, took the picture from the International Space Station, where she works as a flight engineer, according to her Twitter post.

“What it looks like from @Space_Station when your best friend achieves her lifelong dream to go to space,” she wrote in the post about the launch.

That friend was Jessica Meir, a NASA astronaut on her first spaceflight, CNN and other news outlets report. The take-off of her spacecraft marked the start of a months-long mission, according to NASA.

“We can’t wait to welcome you onboard, crew of Soyuz 61!” Koch wrote in her tweet.

The rocket carrying Meir and two others landed at the International Space Station, where they were expected to meet Koch and other crew members.

How’s that for a friendship reunion?

Koch, who grew up in Jacksonville, has been in space since March.

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