Teacher suspects high school student stole his keys, crashed his car, Illinois cops say

Friction between an Illinois teacher and student may have resulted in a totaled car, officials say.

Shawn Hickey, a teacher at Galesburg High School, flagged down a police officer in the faculty parking lot after school on Friday, police said in an incident report. Hickey told the officer his 2016 white Chevy Impala was missing from his parking spot, but he had a few leads.

Hickey told officers he’d “had trouble” with a student during class and made her sit at his desk for the remainder of the class period, police say. Hickey’s keys had been sitting on top of his desk until he went out to the parking lot after school. There, he realized his car key was missing from his key ring, police say.

After bringing the officer up to speed, Hickey called On Star, an in-vehicle safety and security system, to have a dispatcher track down his car, police say. He was told it was about an hour away near Wyanet on Interstate 80.

Police say they asked On Star to flag the car as stolen and went to the student’s home, but she wasn’t there.

Later, officers were notified by State Police that Hickey’s car had been involved in a police chase before it was crashed and totaled, the report says.

The La Salle News Tribune reported a single-car crash in the same area around 4:50 p.m. on Friday in which a white car was totaled during a police chase.

The driver was taken by helicopter to an area hospital, according to the newspaper.

The driver’s identity has not been released and their condition is unknown.

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