Sandia official picked as PNNL deputy director

Malin Young
Malin Young

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland has picked a Sandia National Laboratory employee as its next deputy director for science and technology.

Malin Young, a biochemist with extensive experience leading bioenergy and national security research programs, will take the job vacated by Steven Ashby when he was promoted to PNNL director.

Young is currently the director of the Biological and Engineering Sciences Center at the Department of Energy’s Sandia National Laboratories’ Livermore, Calif., campus.

As PNNL deputy director, Young will integrate and marshal PNNL's science and technology capabilities to address critical national challenges in science, energy, the environment and national security. She also will manage PNNL's institutional science and technology investments, and technology commercialization efforts.

"She has superb leadership skills, understands the challenges scientists face and knows how to build programs,”Ashby said in a statement. “She's passionate about science and about translating science into societal impact, and her expertise in biology and chemistry will serve us well as we pursue our scientific vision.”

Young, a native of Redmond, Wash., will begin her new assignment in mid-October.