PNNL brings home 2 ‘Oscars of invention’

Two of the 100 most innovative scientific breakthroughs of the past year were discovered in Richland.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory this year received two R&D 100 Awards, sometimes called the “Oscars of invention.”

They bring PNNL’s R&D 100 total to 109 since the awards’ inception in 1969.

One award was for DCAT, a system that helps provide actions that a power operator can take to stop outages before they happen.

It aims to minimize the threat of cascading power outages that can be caused by cyberattacks and natural disasters by combining analysis of steady-state operations and changing occurrences during extreme events.

The other award was for StreamWorks, a system that can help preempt a cybersecurity breach.

Now it takes an average of 146 days to detect a breach, according to PNNL

StreamWorks cuts that to near real time by detecting emerging patterns of sophisticated cyberattacks in massive data streams, so action can be taken quickly.