Expect to see more Beavers from Corvallis at PNNL

Tri-City Herald File

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has launched a competitive program for graduate students with an Oregon university.

Graduate students picked for the program will do dissertation research for their doctoral degrees at Oregon State University and PNNL under the guidance of researchers at both institutions.

Students will have the benefit of of working along PNNL scientists with world-class research capabilities, and PNNL will strengthen its pipeline of promising new scientists.

Students will study for their doctorate in the first two years at OSU, serving as graduate or research assistants or working on a fellowship. They then will spend the next two years doing research at PNNL in Richland or one of its satellite campuses.

OSU expects to enroll up to five graduate candidates to start the program next fall and up to 10 the next year.

PNNL has a long-standing partnership with OSU, including joint research programs. Now seven PNNL scientists have joint appointments at OSU and three OSU professors hold joint appointments at PNNL.