More time allowed for feedback on new Hanford deadlines

The deadline for commenting on new milestones for much of the environmental cleanup of central Hanford has been extended more than a month to Jan. 15.

Cleanup work in central Hanford has been delayed while available money has been spent on environmental cleanup of Hanford along the Columbia River.

The proposed new milestones call for completing investigations and screening possible methods for cleanup of many of the 400 buildings and 1,500 waste sites in central Hanford by 2026, a delay of nearly a decade. Cleanup deadlines would be set after that work was completed.

Three large processing plants, PUREX, REDOX and B Plant, are being considered separately. In June 2026 DOE would be required to submit dates for when they would be cleaned up. Now those dates are due in fall 2022.

Comments may be emailed to Kristen.Skopeck@rl.doe.gov.