A new way to dispose of radioactive waste is proposed. Richland meeting set

A proposed new method to dispose of used nuclear fuel and defense waste, including Hanford high level radioactive waste, will be discussed in Richland.

“Deep Isolation,” a patented commercial disposal method, will be discussed at a meeting organized by three Hanford-area technical associations.

Deep Isolation uses the proven petroleum industry technique of deep horizontal drilling and cased drill holes to store or dispose of radioactive material. Material is retrievable.

Instead of the deep boreholes in granite as previously proposed by the Department of Energy for Hanford nuclear reservation site waste, the Deep Isolation method would use directional drilling into less brittle rock.

The meeting is a noon June 14 in the Richland Public Library.

It is sponsored by the Academy of Certified Hazardous Materials Management Eastern Washington Chapter, the American Nuclear Society Eastern Washington Section and the Pacific Northwest Section of the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management.