This Tri-City question was too tough for Jeopardy!

All three contestants on Monday’s Jeopardy! program apparently have not visited one of the nation’s newest national parks.

They were stumped by the highest value clue in the category of Washington State History.

The clue for $2,000 was: “The world’s first production plutonium reactors were at this site that still has a lot of cleanup to do.”

A civil engineer from Casper, Wyo., a technical services librarian from Illinois and a data engineer from Virginia couldn’t figure it out.

The correct response, as most people in the Tri-Cities know, was: “What is Hanford?”

The nuclear reservation just north of the Tri-Cities includes B Reactor, the world’s first full-scale production reactor, which is now part of the Manhattan Project National Historical Park.

The Hanford nuclear reservation had eight more plutonium-production reactors by the end of the Cold War.

Now more than $2 billion is being spent annually to clean up radioactive and chemical waste and contamination left from World War II and the Cold War.

Despite stumbling on the Hanford clue, the librarian was the winner of the Monday show and took home $16,800.

Annette Cary: 509-582-1533, @HanfordNews