This Kennewick 1st grader saved her cousin from drowning

A Kennewick first-grader is being called a hero after saving her younger cousin from likely drowning.

The American Red Cross presented her with a “Certificate for Extraordinary Personal Action” in her Ridge View Elementary School classroom as her family watched.

Mya Osborn loves superheroes and said now she feels like a “swimmer hero.”

Over the summer she noticed her 3-year-old cousin at the bottom of her family’s swimming pool, according to the Red Cross.

“Mya jumped in and went all the way to the bottom,” said Alex Dieffenbach, the Northwest Region chief executive for the Red Cross.

Swim hero print.jpg
Kennewick first-grader Mya Osborn is being called a hero after saving her younger cousin from likely drowning in a swimming pool this past summer. Courtesy Kennewick School District

She came back up without him but took a deep breath and went back down.

And in her second attempt, she was able to bring her cousin to the surface.

She yelled for help, and her brother helped bring their cousin to the side of the pool.

Adults jumped into action, including a nurse who gave the boy chest compressions, according to the Red Cross.

Her cousin was at the classroom ceremony and gave Mya a hug, showed a video posted on the Kennewick School District’s Facebook page.

She is the daughter of Chad Osborn, said the Red Cross.