Pasco woman charged with violent attack on man

A Pasco woman accused of trying to rip off a man’s genitals during a violent attack is back in Franklin County Superior Court after the case did not resolve in a lower court.

Lisa Y. Sosa, 45, now is charged with first-degree assault with domestic violence for the November incident.

The charge alleges that the injury resulted in “permanent or protracted impairment” of the victim’s genital area.

Sosa originally faced one count of second-degree assault with domestic violence in Franklin County Superior Court, then the case was dismissed and refiled in Franklin County District Court. The case was dropped earlier this month and moved back up to Superior Court with the upgraded charge.

Prosecutor Shawn Sant did not return a call from the Herald asking about the reason for the changes.

Sosa, who is not in custody, faces a Dec. 16 trial.

Pasco police were called at 5:45 a.m. about a man who had stopped at a stranger’s house, claiming he was an assault victim and needed help.

The man had on minimal clothing and no shoes. He had bloody, swollen lips, a black eye and other noticeable injuries, and officers noted that he appeared to be in emotional distress, court documents said.

The man said that Sosa had been assaulting him repeatedly for a couple of weeks, with the abuse escalating in the three days before the alleged attack.

Sosa reportedly believed the man was cheating on her, so she hit the man with her fists and wire coat hangers and bit him, documents said.

The victim said he had difficulty defending himself from the attacks because he was smaller than Sosa.

Then earlier that morning, an enraged Sosa took a firm grasp of the man’s testicles and pulled hard enough that the scrotum began to physically tear from his body, court documents said.

She then tried to strangle the man with her hands around his neck, and smothered his face, mouth and nose with a pillow, documents said.

The victim told police he was on the verge of losing consciousness when he was able to free himself and run for about two miles in 10-degree temperatures.

The man was taken to a Tri-City hospital for treatment, which included stitches. He also allegedly had fingernail scratches, bite marks on his thighs and side, and multiple bruises all over his body that appeared to be in various stages of healing.

Sosa has been ordered to have no contact with the man.

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