Man arrested on unrelated warrant during Pasco search for homicide suspect

Jaden F. Quintero
Jaden F. Quintero

An 18-year-old man not connected to the Oct. 7 fatal shooting of a Pasco teen was the only person taken into custody during an 8 1/2 -hour police standoff Friday.

Pasco police were joined by other law enforcement agencies and the Tri-City Regional SWAT team as they surrounded a house in the 400 block of North Douglas Street.

Investigators received a tip that suspect Jaden F. Quintero, 17, may have been inside.

Quintero and his 23-year-old brother, Nathan, each have $1 million arrest warrants for the death of George Garcia Thacker. The brothers are considered armed and dangerous.

Officers cleared the Douglas Street scene at 12:48 a.m., hours after two people came out of the home and one was arrested on an unrelated warrant, according to police.

Quintero was not in the house.