Standoff ends at Pasco home, no homicide suspect found

Jaden Quintero
Jaden Quintero

Police have ended their search for a homicide suspect in a house on the north 400 block of Douglas Avenue in Pasco after a seven-hour standoff.

Jaden F. Quintero, 17, was believed to be inside the house, said Pasco Sgt. Bill Parramore. Police did not find him inside.

Quintero and his brother, Nathan T. Quintero, 23, are sought in the shooting death of George Garcia Thacker.

Thacker, 18, was found shot last week in the street near Ninth Avenue and River Street near the cable bridge.

The Quinteros are considered armed and dangerous.

Neighbors were advised to “shelter in place” and not leave their homes, Parramore said. Two people came out of the house.