Suspect in Pasco murder case now charged with two assaults in jail

Mary A. Faucett, charged in Franklin County Superior Court for her alleged involvement in a Pasco murder case, now is accused of initiating two fights with women while locked up in the Franklin County jail. Her bail has been raised to $150,000.
Mary A. Faucett, charged in Franklin County Superior Court for her alleged involvement in a Pasco murder case, now is accused of initiating two fights with women while locked up in the Franklin County jail. Her bail has been raised to $150,000. Tri-City Herald

A 26-year-old woman locked up on allegations she helped lure a Pasco man to his death now is accused of initiating two fights in jail.

Mary A. Faucett had her bail increased to $150,000 in relation to the murder case after Judge Robert Swisher learned of the new charges.

The recent decision in Franklin County Superior Court also was based on the fact Faucett has a pending Idaho case for prostitution following her April arrest in a sting at a casino.

Swisher, in raising the amount from $100,000, noted that Faucett faces “very serious charges here.”

Faucett is charged with conspiracy, first-degree rendering criminal assistance and making false or misleading statements to a public servant. She also faces two separate counts of fourth-degree assault for the fights in jail.

Prosecutors allege Faucett approached Lorenzo “Richie” Fernandez Jr. at a convenience store Dec. 3, got his phone number and called him later that night acting like she wanted to get together with him. Fernandez was shot to death as he sat in his car in the parking lot of the Stonegate Apartments, the alleged meeting spot.

The 22-year-old Pasco man’s death reportedly was part of an ongoing gang feud.

DeShawn I. Anderson and Kenyatta K.E. Bridges, Faucett’s husband, are charged with murder.

Swisher said that if Faucett is able to post bond, she is allowed to travel throughout Eastern Washington to address outstanding warrants in Spokane County, but cannot cross state lines into Idaho.

An arrest warrant has been issued out of Kootenai County for the misdemeanor prostitution charge because Faucett did not make a June 8 court appearance. Faucett has been in the Franklin County jail since May 8.

Deputy Prosecutor Brian Hultgrenn had requested the Superior Court hearing to address Faucett’s bail in light of the recent allegations. He had asked for $200,000 bail.

“This is of considerable concern. If (Faucett) did make bail, she would be released into the community with many witnesses in the case as well as family members of the victim,” Hultgrenn wrote in his motion. “Based on the recent violence, this gives the state concerns about community safety in regards to these individuals.”

According to a Franklin County Sheriff’s Office incident report filed with court documents, a 22-year-old woman reported July 23 that two days prior she had been in an open bay in the jail when she learned Faucett didn’t like her and wanted to fight her.

The women then went into a cell where the alleged victim, Maria C. Pineda, said she believed they might be able to talk it out.

Instead, Faucett threw a punch at Pineda, who said she hit back because “I’m not a punk,” documents said. They allegedly were punching each other when a third woman walked into the cell and held Pineda so Faucett could knee the victim in the face.

Once done they all left the cell, but Pineda said a few minutes later she was asked by Faucett to come to her room so they could smooth out the issue, the report said. Pineda said once she was in the room, Faucett again tried to punch her.

Cpl. Gordon Thomasson noted that Pineda had bruises around both eyes, on both arms and on her left leg, and she reported slightly blurred vision in her left eye.

Faucett refused to talk to Thomasson.

Then on July 28, Deputy Ryan Riddle was instructed to meet with Faucett because she wanted to speak with a deputy.

Faucett’s issue was with the jail because she had been unable to visit with her kids on July 26 since she was locked up in a secured tank due to the alleged attack on Pineda, the report said. Riddle said he couldn’t help her with that, and Faucett reiterated that she did not want to discuss the assault incident without her attorney present.

Riddle said in the report that he did not notice any injuries on Faucett, which led him to believe she “was the primary aggressor.”

Defense attorney Craig Stilwill told the court the alleged victim is related to one of the prosecution’s key witnesses. He said they are hoping video evidence will show the truth so they can get the case dismissed.

Information on the second assault case was not available. No trial dates have been set yet.

Faucett’s trial in the conspiracy and rendering assistance case has been pushed back one week to Nov. 18.

Faucett was locked up in May after Judge Swisher found she violated the conditions of her release when she left Washington and was arrested at Coeur d’Alene Casino.

Faucett was one of eight women arrested on suspicion of prostitution following a two-day sting by several law enforcement agencies. She was living in Spokane at the time.

She has said she is innocent of the prostitution allegations in Idaho. She told the court in June that she went back into adult entertainment to make “legal fast money” to provide for her two children and take care of other household responsibilities.

While locked up, Faucett has written several letters to Swisher apologizing for breaking bail conditions and saying the amount is “excessively high” and should be dropped to $60,000. She also has asked the judge to grant permission for her to send and receive mail from her husband, because the lack of communication is not healthy for their relationship or for their children.

Bridges, 26, is in custody in the Franklin County jail on $500,000 bail. His trial is set Dec. 2 on charges of first-degree murder, conspiracy and second-degree unlawful gun possession.

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