Former Pasco store manager gets 1-month sentence for embezzlement

The former manager of a Pasco steel and sheet metal shop was sentenced last week to one month in jail for selling materials at a reduced rate and pocketing the cash.

Marcus A. Wilson, 44, was given permission to serve his Franklin County Superior Court sentence, if eligible, on work release in the King County jail. He must report to the facility by Sept. 22.

Wilson pleaded guilty in March to one count of second-degree theft.

According to court documents, Wilson was an employee for Yakima Steel Fabricators and manager of the Pasco store four years ago when the company decided to relocate the shop to Yakima.

Company officials started taking inventory of the Pasco store and that’s when John Gehlsen, the company president and owner, noticed a large number of products missing.

Gehlsen contacted some past customers and learned that in addition to offering a price cut on materials, Wilson had been asking people to make their payment checks out to him, documents said. One customer produced receipts showing Wilson was the salesperson on the transactions.

The money for the materials was never deposited into the Yakima Steel Fabricators bank account, court documents said.

One check from a customer was written to Wilson and made out to his landlord to cover his personal rent, documents said.

Gehlsen told Pasco investigators he believed the inventory loss totaled nearly $19,000.

Wilson had no criminal history to apply to this sentencing. He was ordered to pay $2,500 to Yakima Steel Fabricators to cover the insurance deductible.

A restitution amount for Kazlow & Fields of Baltimore, Md., will be determined later. The defense reportedly agreed to $5,000 for the company, but disputed another $11,000.

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