Kennewick police warn of phone scam

Kennewick police are warning of a scam in which a suspect called a Kennewick home claiming to be a police department employee.

The caller ID showed a department number, which “is possible by using available technology that allows callers to display whatever phone number the suspect enters,” a police news release said.

The suspect then claimed to be from the Internal Revenue Service, saying the victim’s children would be taken away unless a large sum of money was paid, the release said.

“This scam is an ongoing effort by criminals to intentionally defraud citizens. Although the elderly are more frequently targeted for this type of scam, the criminals have successfully defrauded those much younger. Any calls of this nature should immediately be considered suspicious,” the release said.

Confidential tips can be made through Crime Stoppers at 509-586-8477, 1-800-222-8477 or