Richland man allegedly vows ‘demonic incursion’ and death to a woman he wants to marry 

A Richland man allegedly sent hundreds of emails to the pastor of a Franklin County church and a female congregant threatening a “demonic incursion” if the woman doesn’t submit to him and become his wife.

Kevin D. Christiansen, 42, said he likes to refer to himself as a character in Dungeons & Dragons — Baphomet, the demon lord — when he is mad, according to court documents.

He wrote about the wrath he is capable of, how the pastor’s church will lose “Christian soldiers” and his willingness to “fight a living god in all his power and authority” because he loves the woman so much, documents said.

“I am now the master of this world and you must fear me or else I will make them pay the price,” Christiansen allegedly wrote in one of the 358 emails sent between July 2 and Sept. 13.

“Deep in my heart everything I want to do is completely devilish,” another email said. “I want to butcher men as my ears are filled with screaming and crying and the moaning of dying men. I want to rob banks, kill my own friends, and slay my own family.”

Christiansen was charged Wednesday with felony harassment and cyberstalking, both with allegations of threats to kill.

A judge granted an arrest warrant, instead of issuing a summons to appear, because of concerns that Christiansen would “commit a violent offense” while out of custody.

Arrested at his home

He was arrested at 3:35 p.m. Thursday at his Richland home, and appeared in Franklin County Superior Court on Friday afternoon.

Attorney Michael Quillen said Christiansen has lived in the Tri-Cities for 41 years, has no criminal history and, while currently unemployed, is looking for work.

Quillen added that while he can appreciate prosecutors’ claims that Christiansen made unwarranted or harassing contact with the pastor and the woman, they are just allegations at this point. He asked for Christiansen to be released on his personal recognizance.

Deputy Prosecutor Daniel Stovern said the concern is with “the excessive amount of harassment threats ... to the two individuals named in the no-contact orders. We’re talking about hundreds and hundreds of communications, all of them disturbing.”

Judge Alex Ekstrom granted the prosecution’s request for $5,000 bail “because the affidavit of probable cause, both the number and nature of contacts as alleged, raise a profound concern regarding safety of the community ... and concerns regarding appearance (in court).”

Christiansen’s next hearing is scheduled for Oct. 8 to enter a plea to the two charges.

No contact with woman

He has been ordered to have no contact with the Richland woman and the pastor, who lives in Pasco, while his case is pending.

Sheriff Jim Raymond handed over copies of the nearly 360 emails on Sept. 30 to Detective Joshua Dennis, court documents said.

The first email was written at 9:26 a.m. July 2, with Christiansen introducing himself and asking the pastor of the rural church to send the woman to him.

He set a one-month deadline, and said if the woman doesn’t submit to him, “I will use the power of the sin of witchcraft to destroy her brothers and sisters in Christ, and I will begin a demonic incursion that will destroy this world,” documents said.

“If you reject my marriage proposal I’ll be happy still and get my satisfaction in the destruction and death that will come about,” he allegedly wrote the woman.

Detective Dennis said Christiansen used “lewd, lascivious, indecent and obscene words,” suggested committing vulgar acts and threatened to inflict injury and kill the woman, members of the church’s congregation and others.

“It is clear that Kevin is attempting to intimidate (the woman) into a sexual relationship with him, and to intimidate (the pastor) into forcing (the woman) into a sexual relationship with Kevin,” the detective said in court documents. “And Kevin is threatening to kill members of the church congregation and scare (the pastor and woman) by talking about Kevin’s demonic behaviors and supposed supernatural abilities.”

Kristin M. Kraemer covers the judicial system and crime issues for the Tri-City Herald. She has been a journalist for more than 20 years in Washington and California.