He hit his rival with a car, Richland police say. Shot him too

A feud between two men turned violent Sunday when a man a brought a car and a gun to a fistfight, police said.

Witnesses said Robert Hore and Karion H. Thomas had an ongoing conflict, which had turned violent several times in the past.

This time, Hore was driving with his girlfriend and two other people when they saw Thomas playing basketball outside Richland High School.

Hore, 20, stopped the car, got out and the men started arguing. Finally, Thomas challenged him, said police.

Hore got back into his car and chased Thomas through the park, nearly hitting several other people playing basketball, police said.

As he chased Thomas, he locked the car doors and refused to let his passengers out.

He hit Thomas, then rammed a retaining wall, said police.

Witnesses saw Hore leave the car, then heard a gunshot.

One person reported seeing someone running away with a shotgun.

When officers arrived, they found the car empty with the airbags deployed, Hore in his mother’s car nearby and Thomas with a broken ankle and a gunshot wound.

His injuries were not life threatening.

Hore told officers he had been drinking beer earlier in the day and smoked marijuana.

He was booked into the Benton County jail on an investigative hold for first-degree assault and vehicular assault.

Police say they were called to a fight Friday night involving two groups, including Hore and Thomas. There were reports of shots fired and some minor injuries but no one was arrested.

Cameron Probert covers breaking news and education for the Tri-City Herald, where he tries to answer readers’ questions about why police officers and firefighters are in your neighborhood. He studied communications at Washington State University.