These fraudsters tried using a Kennewick officer’s name. It’s still a scam

Kennewick police are warning the public of someone making telephone calls pretending to be a sergeant with the police department.

Several people have reported getting calls from a person claiming to be Kennewick Police Sgt. Randy Maynard, saying he has a warrant for their arrest.

This isn’t a new scam, but it is apparently becoming more frequent.

The caller tries to get the person to buy hundreds of dollars in gift cards to pay off fines and warrants.

“We would like to remind people that regardless of what the caller might say, law enforcement will never call with a threat of warrants or a fine and ask for payment over the phone,” Kennewick police said.

If you get one of the calls, call the non-emergency police number at 509-628-0333 to report it.

Cameron Probert covers breaking news and education for the Tri-City Herald, where he tries to answer readers’ questions about why police officers and firefighters are in your neighborhood. He studied communications at Washington State University.