This ex-guard molested a teen. The married Tri-Cities man still wants her to be his wife

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Learn direct ways to talk with kids from the non-profit Darkness to Light that is committed to empowering adults to prevent child sexual abuse.

A former correctional officer who pursued a young teen girl is blaming the victim for their sexual relationship, while also saying it was not wrong and he still wants to be with her.

Roy David Farber told a community corrections officer “you can’t help who you love” and that he hopes to marry the girl some day.

His comments are part of a presentencing report, done weeks after he pleaded guilty in Benton County Superior Court to five felony sex crimes involving the teen.

Farber, 32, currently is married and his wife is accused of using her job at Kennewick’s Chinook Middle School to make some connections between the girl and her husband.

Kimberlee A. Farber told investigators she only participated so she would not lose her husband.

Husband and wife charged

Dave Farber claims the couple have a polyamorous relationship and are allowed to have intimate partners outside of their marriage.

Now, he is not sure if they will remain married, adding that he has not spoken with his wife since both of them were charged on Jan. 11, 2018, according to the report.

Kim Farber’s trial is set for July 8.

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“It should be noted, which is an extreme concern to the Department of Corrections, (Dave) Farber informed the undersigned he wants to rebuild a relationship with the victim,” wrote community corrections officer Katti Foltz. He knows he’s under no-contact order and said he will not try to violate it, she wrote.

“Farber admits he is in love with (the victim), and wants to be man and wife.”

A letter written by the girl in advance of sentencing says Farber “has caused a lot of troubles for her” and she is “working on putting all this behind me.”

6-year proposed sentence

Farber entered guilty pleas in December to sexual exploitation of a minor, second-degree child molestation, communicating with a minor for immoral purposes and two counts of second-degree possession of depictions of a minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct.

Two of the charges include the aggravating circumstance that he used his position of trust to commit the crimes.

Prosecutors said in the plea agreement they will recommend a six-year sentence with treatment if a sex offender evaluation finds Farber would be a good candidate.

However, Foltz said in the report that the sentencing judge should order the maximum sentence of 10 years.

The girl also asked for the decade-long term in her letter to the judge, which was attached to the report.

‘Concerns with being around minors’

“The (Department of Corrections) considers Farber an extremely high risk to re-offend based on: the circumstances of the current crimes; his admittance he still wants to be man and wife with the victim; and his own concerns with being around minors,” wrote Foltz.

He also has a lack of remorse and has gotten updates and recent photographs of the girl, she wrote.

Wife of Oregon corrections officer free for now after allegedly hooking up husband with teen girl.

“The sentencing range for his charges do not hold Farber accountable for his sexual deviancy,” said Foltz.

Farber told Foltz that if he goes free, he would try to stay away from the girl but would not want to because he still wants to marry her. At this time, he places the community at risk and the potential for the girl not being protected, said Foltz.

Farber’s sentencing hearing has been postponed a couple of times. It now is set for this week.

Farber said in the presentencing interview that he received a partial emancipation from his parents when he was 14. His grandmother remained his legal guardian, but the court allowed him to take care of himself when it came to working and living alone.

Correctional officer in Oregon

In 2014, he was hired at Two Rivers Correctional Institution in Umatilla, Ore., as a full-time correctional officer.

At the same time, he worked for Tri-Cities Monitoring as a fill-in bailiff for Benton-Franklin Superior Court, including Juvenile Court proceedings, and Pasco Municipal Court, the report said.

Farber was fired from the Oregon prison in 2018 after he was charged.

Asked by Foltz what he plans to do after prison, Farber said he will have to find a new career, maybe as an electrician or in computer science/software development.

However, he said his dream job is to work with an Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) task force.

Farber claims he used to be active in chat forums supporting the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and ICAC, and would submit online reports with information on exploited children or child pornography because it bothered him.

Ignored parents’ orders

In his own criminal case, Farber gave a cellphone, promise ring and love letters to the girl, asked for naked pictures of her, and molested her.

The girl’s parents had suspected something was going on and repeatedly told him to leave her alone. Then, Farber gave a letter to the parents professing his love for her.

Court documents say Kim Farber was complicit with the relationship and participated in grooming the girl. She was fired from her job as a part-time paraeducator and has been out of custody without bail since her arraignment for communicating with a minor for immoral purposes.

Aided in ‘sexual exploitation’

Farber wrote in part of the report, “I fell in love with her in April of 2017 when she inadvertently stopped me from committing suicide.” Then, over the next few months, the two started sharing their feelings for each other, he said.

Foltz said a check of both Farber’s cellphone and the girl’s show Farber is the one who requested the child pornography from the teen.

Farber also claims that he is sexually attracted to a person’s intellect over their appearance, and thought the teen girl was mature for her young age and had a remarkable heart and mind.

He said he did not know if he could stay away from another, similar teenager, and acknowledged that he may benefit from sex offender treatment to learn how to establish boundaries.

Kristin M. Kraemer covers the judicial system and crime issues for the Tri-City Herald. She has been a journalist for more than 20 years in Washington and California.