Do you know these ‘most wanted’ suspects? Benton County sheriff wants your help

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China Lynn Flowers spent a good portion of the past year in trouble with the law.

The 27-year-old woman has been facing felony drug charges since last July, and since then she’s missed three different court dates and had warrants issued.

At the beginning of March, she hadn’t shown up for court for more than a month and had six arrest warrants issued for her arrest, including some for misdemeanor drug charges.

She joined the second class of people wanted on felony charges to make Sheriff Jerry Hatcher’s new “Most Wanted” list. They included two people wanted on felony harassment and one person wanted on drug charges.

Flowers wanted

The sheriff’s office rolled out the program in mid-February. The idea started with the daily list of felony warrants that the office’s crime analyst prints, Lt. Jason Erickson said. Sheriff’s officials thought they would like to ask for the community’s help .

“A lot of people know them,” he said. “We’re asking for the public’s help, so we can go arrest them and bring them in front of the courts,” he said.

Bramlett wanted

Bunting wanted

Garcia wanted

Each of the people on the monthly list will have a warrant for felony charges with an emphasis on people who committed crimes against another person, he said.

Most wanted posted on Facebook page

They create a wanted poster, which includes their picture, and share them on Facebook. People can submit tips by calling 509-222-2324 or by emailing

The sheriff’s office was successful in rounding up the first group of people they publicized last month. By the beginning of March, they arrested three of the six people listed.

“We’ve gotten good feedback about it,” he said. “We have gotten tips, and some of those tips have helped.”

Benton County joins several other county sheriff’s offices and a couple of police departments in creating most wanted lists.

The current list is available on the Benton County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page at

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