A nurse didn't take the needle out fast enough so she kicked her in the face


A needle and six days without sleep triggered a violent reaction from a Richland woman at Kadlec Regional Medical Center.

Elizabeth A. Tyshchuk, 38, is charged with third-degree assault after she kicked an emergency room nurse in the face when they were trying to take some blood.

Tyshchuk went to the hospital in late November 2017, complaining of skin and stomach problems.

She became upset when a student nurse was trying to draw her blood, according to court documents. When the registered nurse tried to explain what they were doing, Tyshchuk began screaming for her to remove the needle.

"Before she was able to, (Tyshchuk) swung her left leg over her body and kicked (her) hard in the face," said court documents.

"I thought she broke my orbital bone," the nurse later told officers.

When police arrived, Tyshchuk was screaming and swearing and was being restrained by several medical staff members.

Tyshchuk told officers she hadn't slept in six days, and didn't have anywhere to stay.

"She wouldn't take the f------ needle out of my arm," she told police. "She wasn't taking it out fast enough, so I just kicked at her."

Tyshchuk's trial is next week in Benton County Superior Court.

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