Washington State Patrol warns against playing Pokémon GO! while driving

The Washington State Patrol wants to put a stop to Pokémon GO! while driving.

State patrol troopers released a national study Monday from the Journal of the American Medical Association that said drivers playing the digital game caused 14 accidents in the U.S. during 10 days in July.

The study showed that 18 percent of tweets or messages indicated a person was driving at the same time they were playing the game, in which players try to catch virtual creatures as they appear randomly on the screen.

Passengers and pedestrians also were causing distractions as they played the game.

The state patrol said the phenomenon of driving while distracted is growing. The Washington Traffic Safety Commission said fatalities caused by distracted driving increased by almost 31 percent in 2015.

And 24 percent of young drivers in fatal wrecks were distracted that year, a jump from 18 percent in 2008.