Too much candy? Donate in Tri-Cities to troops

If you have more Halloween candy than you can handle, donate it to U.S. troops.

The Richland Public Library has a collection box sponsored by the American Vets Association by its checkout desk. Donations of candy, snacks, toiletries, batteries, movies and magazines are accepted.

Several Tri-City health care offices and Numerica Credit Union will give children $1 a pound for the candy they bring into their offices and donate to “Operation Cash for Candy.” The candy will also be donated to U.S. troops.

Health care offices include Oasis Physical Therapy in each of the Tri-Cities; Center for Dental Health, Lifetime Dental, Orchard Hills Pediatric and Dentistry for Kids in Richland; and Columbia Basin Pediatric Dentistry, Anderson Dental, Advanced Endodontic Care, Dentistry for Kids and Columbia Basin Oral Surgeons in Kennewick.

Addresses and the dates and times the candy may be traded are posted at www.OperationCashForCandy.com. All except Orchard Hills Pediatric will take candy starting Nov. 2 and some will continue all week. Orchard Hills Pediatric starts Nov. 3.