Herald puzzle page gets new games

Starting this week, we’re adding some new puzzles to the Herald’s games page.

You’ll find 7 Little Words, the Word Game and Celebrity Cipher.

7 Little Words presents everyday words — including famous people, place names, brands and pop culture references — in a new context and with clues. Just unscramble the tiles to find the hidden 7 little words — and receive your “well done” smiley face.

Word Game challenges players to find as many words with four or more letters from a single daily word in 25 minutes. For example, you could find at least 19 new words by using the letters from the word “pander.”

Finally, Celebrity Cipher is a cryptogram puzzle created from quotations from famous people, past and present.

Our page will look a little different, but we are still offering crossword, Jumble and Sudoku puzzles. You’ll also still find a bridge column and Dr. Abby’s advice column, along with the horoscopes. Sunday’s offerings won’t change.

And you can still get some daily tidbits on celebrity happenings in our Celebrity Spotlight at the bottom of Page A1.