SkillFlux Tri-Cities event promises ‘competitive family fun’

Randy Kirkpatrick
Randy Kirkpatrick

Randy Kirkpatrick is the oldest of five brothers.

Growing up, their house was a gathering place for neighborhood kids. “There was literally a game going on every single day of the week,” Kirkpatrick said.

Football, baseball, you name it. That might be where the 31-year-old Pasco man’s competitive streak was born.

He’s now bringing a new and innovative event to the Tri-Cities aimed at inspiring and facilitating some friendly competition — and plenty of fun.

SkillFlux Tri-Cities is planned Oct. 2-3 at the Southridge Sports & Event Complex in Kennewick. The event is all indoors.

Each of the 18 stations boasts a challenge, from timed puzzles to a remote-control car race track to hockey, basketball and football targets to darts and speed billiards and ping pong.

“It’s family fun. Competitive family fun,” Kirkpatrick said. “You’re going to be able to rattle through so many different events.”

SkillFlux participants sign up for tee times, with six spaces available per time slot.

The event is open to ages 10 and older.

Kirkpatrick has been working on it for months. He had a career in sales, but he left his job in the spring to dedicate himself full-time to SkillFlux.

After the Tri-City debut, the idea is to take the event on the road to places like Spokane and Portland.

Kirkpatrick envisions holding another Tri-City event early next year.

SkillFlux Tri-Cities runs in the afternoon and evening Oct. 2 and all day Oct. 3, wrapping with an awards ceremony.

Registration is $25, and discounts are available.

The course takes about 3 1/2 hours to complete.

Kirkpatrick said he’s excited to unveil the event in his hometown.

The father of two young children “wanted to put something together that kids and adults could do,” he told the Herald.

“This is 3 1/2 to 4 hours of nonstop fun,” he said. “You’re trying all these different things.”

To sign up or for more information, go to www.skillflux.com.

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