Former Benton City man wins Emmy

Bradley Schaffer picks up his statue during the Creative Arts Emmy Awards on Sept. 12 in Los Angeles.
Bradley Schaffer picks up his statue during the Creative Arts Emmy Awards on Sept. 12 in Los Angeles.

Bradley Schaffer’s parents let him convert a garage at their Benton City home into a studio.

And it didn’t sit idle. Far from it.

Schaffer loved claymation, and he spent hours on the artistic pursuit.

“He was always out there,” said mom Linda Schaffer. “I would always be stressed that he wasn’t going to get his school work or studying done because he spent so much time there. But he did. He was always really, really motivated.”

That passion and dedication paid off last weekend.

Schaffer, now 28, won an Emmy Award for his character animation work.

He picked up the statue during a star-studded ceremony in Los Angeles.

An edited version of the Creative Arts Emmy Awards airs at 5 and 7:30 p.m. Sept. 19 on FXX.

The Primetime Emmys are at 5 p.m. Sept. 20 on Fox network.

Schaffer’s girlfriend, his mom, his dad Tom, and his older sister Lindsey Rowson and her husband, were on hand to watch him win the Emmy.

“It was pretty awesome,” his dad said. “There were about 7,000 people in there. And he got to say happy birthday to his mom” during his acceptance speech.

Bradley Schaffer also gave a shout out to his family from the stage for “letting me use the garage to make movies when I was a kid.”

In a phone interview later in the week, he said the honor hasn’t totally sunk in yet.

“It all happened so quickly. It feels really good to be recognized, of course. It makes me want to go back and keep working hard,” he said.

Schaffer graduated from Ki-Be High in 2005. He took classes at Columbia Basin College before going on to California Institute of the Arts.

He works for Stoopid Buddy Stoodios in Burbank, Calif, home to shows including the popular stop-motion animation TV show Robot Chicken. It airs on the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.

Schaffer won his Emmy for work he did on a Robot Chicken B**** Pudding Special.

While he’s enjoying the Emmy win, he and his girlfriend Ashley Arechiga, who also works for Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, also are celebrating another success.

They’re developing a new show for Adult Swim.

Rowson said her brother deserves all his success. “He is the hardest working person that I’ve ever known. It’s unbelievable what he’s done. He just never gave up on his dreams,” she told the Herald.

The Herald featured Schaffer in 2001, when the then-14-year-old’s short claymation film Beef Chop won the attention of HBO producers. It appeared in HBO Family’s 30 by 30: Kid Flicks.

Schaffer had some words of wisdom for young aspiring artists: “Just keep at it.”

“As a young filmmaker, if you’re able to finish a film, you’ll send it to a lot of film festivals. You’ll get more rejection letters than acceptance letters,” he said. “But don’t get discouraged. It’s all about building momentum. If you throw something at the wall hard enough, eventually it will stick.”

Or you might just win an Emmy.

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