Repairs from south Richland pipeline break planned

The city of Richland will let the area where a pipeline broke near Leslie Road dry out before repairs are completed.

The cap to a large underground water pipe worked itself loose Sunday night, spilling water. The water in the reservoir that feeds the pipe was drawn down, but the leak was stopped before the reservoir was emptied, said Pete Rogalsky, Richland public works director.

Several hundred homes in south Richland had low water pressure because of pressure issues caused by the break, he said.

The city started getting calls about 8:30 p.m. and had valves isolated about 11 p.m.

The pipeline was near the south end of Leslie Road near the traffic circle at the West Clearwater Avenue intersection. One traffic lane has been closed there next to a damaged sidewalk.

The ground will need to dry for several days before repairs there can be completed, Rogalsky said. He estimated the cost of repairs at roughly $10,000.