Private company to manage Trios Health therapy services

A Kentucky-based health care company is set to take over managing Trios Health’s therapy services under a five-year contract.

The Kennewick Public Hospital District board, which oversees the Trios system, authorized the CEO to finalize the pact with Kindred Hospital Rehabilitation Services.

The unanimous vote happened at a special meeting this week .

The board had a few conditions, including that Trios officials ensure the department’s employees — who will become Kindred workers — will have comparable benefit packages.

Trios officials said the move will lead to expanded offerings, starting with the addition of occupational therapy.

It’s also expected to be good financially, with Kindred’s plan — which counts on patient volume growth — estimated to generate $2 million above the current model.

The services that will switch to Kindred under the change include physical therapy and speech/language.

The department’s 11 staffers will become employees of Kindred, which has more than 103,000 workers providing care in 2,730 locations across the country under the umbrella of Kindred Healthcare.

Several of Trios’ therapy services workers were at the meeting, with questions for board members and staff about the change. Concerns ranged from how the insurance benefits would change to loss of student loan forgiveness with the move from being employees of a public hospital to a private for-profit company.

Trios officials said Kindred is aware of the loan worry and working on a remedy.

Trios CEO Glen Marshall said the change makes sense. “I think it will be good for employees, good for our patients, good for our organization. We need to give our employees more resources and more support, not less. I think (Kindred) can help us do that,” he said.

Trios officials said patients will notice little change beyond expanded offerings. It won’t affect which patients are eligible for treatment and services.

The department will continue being housed at the new Trios Care Center at Southridge.

The transition is to happen over 45 days.

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