Cold could possibly break records in the Tri-Cities

Cold weather records could be set in Eastern Washington and Oregon early Wednesday morning, says the National Weather Service.

The temperature could drop about 20 degrees below what’s normal for the Tri-Cities.

A low of 14 is forecast by the National Weather Service as a strong cold front from the north moves over the Tri-Cities.

Pets should be brought indoors.

To keep pipes from freezing on an outside wall, open cabinet doors to allow more heat to get to un-insulated pipes under a sink. The heat indoors should be set no lower than 55 degrees.

Monday night was also expected to be cold, with lows dropping to about 20 degrees before dawn Tuesday morning.

Highs Tuesday are expected to be close to 41 degrees in the Tri-Cities, according to the weather service. Normal highs for late October are about 57 degrees.

Tuesday should be the coldest day of the week, with highs climbing but still about 10 degrees below normal on Halloween. A high of about 47 is forecast on Thursday.

The low Wednesday night is expected to be about 18, and on Halloween night is should be about 23 degrees.

Senior staff writer Annette Cary covers Hanford, energy, the environment, science and health for the Tri-City Herald. She’s been a news reporter for more than 30 years in the Pacific Northwest.