Close call for a Pasco police officer. He’s now recovering after emergency surgery

Lemon, a Pasco police dog, is recovering from emergency surgery this week.
Lemon, a Pasco police dog, is recovering from emergency surgery this week. Pasco police

A Pasco police “officer” was on the road to recovery Wednesday after needing emergency surgery.

Lemon, one of the city’s police dogs, suffered a medical condition called a stomach flip, causing his intestines to twist into a deadly knot, said a police department Facebook post.

Pasco Officer Josh Madsen recognized that his partner was in distress and rushed him to a veterinarian Tuesday night.

Common symptoms include a bloated abdomen, restlessness, shallow breathing and an inability to lie down.

“Shout-outs to Doctor Swick and Mid-Columbia Pet Emergency on Sandifur!” said the post. “By Wednesday morning, Lemon walked out under his own power.”

Madsen and lemon.jpg
Officer Josh Madsen waits with his four-legged partner Lemon at the veterinarian’s office after a the dog’s stomach flipped. Pasco police

Lemon will be recovering at home — no running and jumping for awhile.

“He is under orders to only nibble on bad guys, not bite them, and can only lightly sniff for dope, not actively smell for it,” said the post. “His inability to type means he probably will not be at the office on light-duty. We will keep you posted.”

They included the hashtag: #whenlifegivesyouLemonmakearrests

Hundreds of Facebook followers were wishing the pup well and encouraging a speedy recovery. Several commenters said they had lost dogs to the deadly condition that can escalate rapidly.