Filling out your primary ballot? Here is a quick rundown of the candidates

It’s time to return those primary ballots, or register to vote to participate in the 2019 primary — Aug. 6 is the deadline to return ballots to have them counted in the 2019 primary.

The primary features nearly 150 candidates in dozens of races for nonpartisan posts on city councils, school boards, fire commissions and similar posts.

In a change to Washington law, voters can register in person at their local election office up to election day.

For voters who are registered, ballots were mailed in July and must be returned or postmarked by Aug. 6. Postage is prepaid.

Check ballot status or request replacement ballots at voter.votewa.gov/WhereToVote.aspx

City councils

Kennewick, Pos. 5, (open), Chuck Torelli, the appointed incumbent, is running against Chariss Warner, ministries director of the Tri-Cities Union Gospel Mission, and Brandon Pocasangre, a tech worker. Ex-councilman Matt Boehnke resigned in December after being elected to the state House of Representatives.

Kennewick, Pos. 6 (open), Developer Brad Beauchamp, transportation equity advocate David Spaulding, Hanford Patrol member and Planning Commission Chair Ed Pacheco, real estate agent Brian Griffin and educator Uby Creek are running to succeed Paul Parish, who is not running for re-election.

Kennewick, Pos. 7, (open), Leasing agent Lindy Verhei, combine driver Radona “Liz” Devereaux, Hanford pipefitter James “Jim” Millbauer and businessman Russel Del Gesso are running to succeed the late Steve Young. Young filed for re-election before his death and his name appears on the ballot.

Pasco, Pos. 2, Ruben Alvarado, incumbent

Pasco, Pos. 5, David Milne, incumbent, Isaac “Ike” Myhrum, challenger

Pasco, Pos. 7 (open), Planning commission chair Zahra Roach, former Franklin County Republican Party chair and retired engineer Patrick Guettner, and Pasco middle school teacher Abel Campos are running to succeed Matt Watkins, who is not seeking re-election after 16 years in the at-large position.

Richland, Pos. 1, Hanford worker Kalen Finn, challenger, attorney Robert “Bob” Thompson, incumbent, Ben Franklin Transit executive Wendi Warner, challenger, retired legislative assistant Lillian “Randy” Slovic, challenger

Richland, Pos. 2, Construction industry executive Brad Anderson, incumbent, tasting room manager Larry Stanley, challenger, Hanford health physicist Shir Regev, challenger

Richland, Pos. 5, Retired Hanford executive Phillip R. Lemley, incumbent, Mike Luzzo, challenger, health care veteran Lisa Thomas, R.N., challenger, PNNL manager Kurt H. Maier, challenger

Richland, Pos. 6, PNNL retiree Terry Christensen, incumbent, Realtor Kyle Palmer, challenger

(Richland ensures four of the city council’s seven members face election every two years by awarding the candidate who wins with the least number of votes in November a two-year term rather than a four-year term. Thompson holds the two-year seat.)

West Richland, Pos. 5, David M. Fetto, incumbent

West Richland, Pos. 6, Fred Brink, incumbent

West Richland, Pos. 7, Ken Stoker, incumbent, Kate Moran, challenger

Benton City Mayor, Linda Lehman, incumbent, David Sandretto, challenger

Benton City, Pos. 3 (open), John Derderian, Manny Quintero, Ashley Morrison

Benton City, Pos. 4, Keila Gordon, Connie Meredith

Benton City, Pos. 5, Michelle McLeod, challenger, Jake Mokler, incumbent

Prosser Mayor, Randy Taylor, incumbent; Prosser, Pos. 4, Robert Elder, incumbent, Robert McGraw, challenger; Pos. 5, Mary Ruth Edwards, incumbent; Pos. 6, Steven Becken, incumbent; Pos. 7, Stephanie Groom, incumbent;

Connell, Pos. 5, Ray H. Minor, incumbent; KaTrina Kunkel, challenger; Pos. 6, Jesse Mandler, Shelly Oelkers Harper; Kahlotus, Pos. 4, Jim Hagans, incumbent; Pos. 5, James D. Herron; Pos. 6, Shirley Ayers, incumbent; Mesa, Pos. 1, Jim Cronenwett, incumbent, Chiloe Chervenell, challenger; Pos. 3, Elizabeth Castro, incumbent; Pos. 4, Merlin Giesbrecht, incumbent

School Boards

Kennewick, Pos. 3, Ron Mabry, incumbent, Tony M. Ashton, challenger, Wende Carlisle, challenger. Kennewick, Pos. 4, James Langford, David Chumney, Michael Connors. Kennewick, Pos. 5, Patrick “Pat” Mastaler, Diane Sundvik, Frank Cowing.

Pasco, Pos. 1, Scott Lehrman, incumbent, Donna Watts, challenger. Pasco, Pos. 2, Steven Castellano, Jesse Campos, challenger.

Richland, Pos. 3, Rick Donahoe, Matthew J. Bishop. Richland, Pos. 4 (open), Jay Clough, Lloyd Becker, Ron Higgins, Kari Williams. Richland, Pos. 5, Jill M. Oldson, Rama Devagupta, Lori Wasner.

Finley, Pos. 1, Dawn Senger. Pos. 2, No candidate. Pos. 3, Julie Bussell, incumbent. Pos 4, Tim Goforth. Grandview, Pos. 1, Antonio E. Sanchez, incumbent. Pos. 3, Elizabeth Alba, incumbent. Pos 4, Jessica Trevino, incumbent. Kiona-Benton City, Pos. 1, Julie Rheinschmidt. Pos. 4, Dale Thornton. Kahlotus, Pos. 1, Melanie Ayers. Kahlotus, Pos. 4, Arthur Roach. North Franklin, Pos. 1, Patricia “Patti” Walker, incumbent. Pos. 2, Terry A. Utecht, incumbent. Pos. 5, Jon Fox.

Othello, Pos. 2, Rob Simmons, incumbent, Sharon Schutte, challenger. Pos. 4, Isauro “JR” Pruneda, Lindsy Mollotte Prows. Pos. 5, Roger R. Durkee, Miguel “Mike” Garza. Paterson, Pos. 3, Ryan Munn. Pos. 4, Sarah Maddox, incumbent. Pos. 5: Taryn Hartley. Prosser, Pos. 1, Margaret “Peggy” Douglas. Pos. 2, Andy Howe, incumbent. Pos. 5, Scott Hunt. Star, Pos. 1, Reed Wiswall, incumbent. Pos. 2, L. Wade Van Hollebeke, incumbent. Pos. 3, Nicole Van Hollebeke, incumbent.


Port of Benton, Pos. 1, Roy Keck, incumbent, Bill O’Neil, challenger. Port of Kennewick, Pos. 2, Thomas Moak, incumbent, VJ Meadows, challenger. Port of Pasco, Pos. 2, Jean Ryckman, incumbent. Port of Kahlotus, Pos. 1, Richard E. Halversen, incumbent.

Fire Districts

Benton Fire 1, Pos. 3, Scott Carpenter, David Jenkins, John Christenson. Benton Fire 2, Pos. 2, Steve Rouse. Benton Fire 4, Pos. 2, Ralph Russell, incumbent, Garrett Goodwin, challenger. Benton Fire 5, Pos. 2, Wayne Mercer. West Benton Regional Fire Authority, Pos. 1, no candidate following the death of incumbent Max E. Benitz Jr. West Benton Pos. 2, Shane Williams, incumbent. Franklin Fire 1, Pos. 2, Cullen Klindworth. Pos. 3, Matthew B. Smith. Franklin Fire 2, Pos. 3, Todd Van Hollebeke.

Franklin Fire 3, Pos. 2, Gary W. Larsen, incumbent. Franklin Fire 4, Pos. 3, Galen Koelzer.


County Well Water District Pos. 2, Randy Mercer. Plymouth Water, Pos. 2, Austin Wyatt. Tri-City Estates Water, Pos. 2, Rick Jansons. Kennewick Public Hospital, Pos. 4, Steve Blodgett, incumbent. Pos. 5, Wanda Briggs, incumbent. Pos. 6, Rick Reil, incumbent. Prosser Public Hospital, Pos. 4, Brandon Bowden. Pos. 5, Glenn M. Bestebreur, incumbent. Pos. 6, Stephen Kenny, incumbent. Franklin Cemetery District 1 Pos. 1, Connie Smith, incumbent. Pos. 3, Lori Stiner, incumbent.

Levies and bonds

Benton County Fire District 1, The district is asking voters to approve a $1.50 per $1,000 of assessed value six-year levy to replace the existing levy.

It is also asking voters to approve a $3 million bond, which will pay for improvements at the Badger Canyon Road fire station and a new fire engine

West Benton Fire Rescue, The fire district is asking people to approve a $1.30 per $1,000 of assessed value levy. The increase would help the district improve its service.