Have you seen a light purple giraffe roaming around the Tri-Cities? You might get a reward

This is a picture of Fred the giraffe.
This is a picture of Fred the giraffe.

Fred the giraffe, a whimsical 7-foot-tall sculpture, has gone missing from the Kennewick yard of his owners.

A $500 reward has been offered for his return intact or information that leads to his safe return.

The giraffe is no ordinary lawn ornament, and not just because of its size.

Sol and Katherine Sylvans commissioned a sculpture from Tacoma artist Lynn Di Nino 25 years ago for $1,200.

In 2017 Di Nino was named the Washington state governor’s Artist of the Year.

Since July 2014, the Sylvans have had Fred in the front yard of their home at South Kellogg Street and West Eighth Avenue, where he became a neighborhood landmark.

Katherine Sylvans asked Di Nino for a giraffe that embodied the spirit of Fred Astaire — tall, thin and looking as light on his feet as a dancer.

Stolen on July Fourth weekend

Fred copy2.jpg
A reward has been offered for the safe return to its Kennewick home of the sculpture of Fred the giraffe by artist Lynn Di Nino. Courtesy Sol Sylvans

Di Nino made the sculpture out of rebar and concrete, with black tile spots. He was pink but has been repainted to a color that’s closer to a light purple.

Fred’s head is made of a bicycle seat that bobs on a spring and his tail is made from a paint brush.

Di Nino is known for using everyday objects in her sculptures.

The Sylvans believe Fred was stolen during the night of July 7 or 8 or July 4 weekend.

Sol Sylvans said the sculpture probably weighs about 45 pounds, and at 7 feet tall, whoever took him likely had a pickup truck.

They went to some work, bending over the rebar that attaches to his feet to keep him standing.

The theft has been reported to police, but the Sylvans continue to hope Fred was taken as a prank and will be returned.

The Sylvans are asking anyone with information to call them at 425-785-4639.