How hot did it get in Tri-Cities? Record-breaking hot

A record hot temperature was set for the Tri-Cities on Thursday.

The temperature at the Pasco airport reached a high of 101, according to National Weather Service data.

The previous Tri-Cities record for the date was 100, recorded both in 1974 and 1911.

Highs usually average about 82 degrees in the Tri-Cities in mid June.

Some areas of the Tri-Cities had blowing dust with wind gusts of up to 31 mph recorded at the airport in the early evening.

Friday also should be breezy, with gusts up to 23 mph predicted.

Temperatures will cool starting Friday, but may not fall back to the normal range until next Wednesday.

The high Friday and Saturday in the Tri-Cities should be in the upper 80s, climbing to the low 90s Sunday and Monday, according to the weather service forecast.

The high on Wednesday should fall to about 84, according to the early forecast.