Cause of Pasco apartment blaze remains a mystery to investigators

Pasco Fire Department
Pasco Fire Department Tri-City Herald

The cause of a fire that damaged a 1976-built Pasco apartment Sunday remains a mystery.

The fire at Carjo Apartments rendered one second-floor unit unlivable, the Pasco Fire Department said.

The fire broke out near the roof line on the facade of Building E at the 13-unit apartment complex at 2524 W. Sylvester Ave.

Residents used an extinguisher and hoses to fight the flames until city fire crews arrived from the Pasco and Kennewick fire departments and Franklin County Fire District 3.

Crews remained on site for about 45 minutes. Ben Shearer, spokesman for the Pasco fire department, said investigators were unable to identify a source of the blaze. There were no electrical or other utilities in the area and no evidence of gasoline, matches or other ignition sources..

No one was hurt but one person will have to find another place to live because firefighters broke through the roof to confirm flames hadn’t spread through the attic.

The Red Cross is helping apartment residents.

The Pasco Fire Department is reminding renters and homeowners to buy fire insurance.