Pasco cop catches trio of burglary suspects in the act

An open garage door and two men standing around at 4 a.m. tipped Pasco cops off to a burglary Saturday.

Pasco Sgt. Chad Pettijohn was responding to another call at 4 a.m. Saturday when he spotted an open garage door near 36th and Pearl Streets and two men standing nearby, said a Pasco police Facebook post.

Pettijohn knew the woman who lived there wasn’t home based on an earlier incident, so he confronted the men. One man started to talk while the other tried to quiet him.

Pettijohn detained them and requested backup. A third man was found hiding in the garage.

Randy Alan Rogers, 37, Andrew M. Bowers, 49, and David J. “Fester” Ash, 41, all of Pasco, were taken to at the Franklin County jail on suspicion of second-degree burglary.

All three remained in custody Monday.

Their vehicle, which had no license plates, was impounded pending a search warrant to recover apparent stolen items.