Man hospitalized in Kennewick for cutting off his own testicles

A 57-year-old Kennewick man suffering from alcohol withdrawal cut off his testicles with a pocket knife, Kennewick police said.

A neighbor called officers around 11:40 a.m. Friday to report a man on a porch across the street on North Kent Place was cutting up an animal.

When police arrived, they found the man walking in the area with blood on his hands and pants.

He had wrapped up the body part in newspaper and left it in a nearby yard, said police.

Medics rushed the man and the severed organ to Trios Southridge Hospital, and mental health professionals also were notified.

It’s unclear how the man is doing now, but he was able to talk to police.

Addiction centers warn that trying to go through detox for alcohol use at home is risky, and in severe cases results in hallucination, anxiety and seizures, according to WebMD.

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