Get ready for 45-mph gusts Friday. Cold front is blowing into Tri-Cities

Tumbleweeds will fly Friday, with the National Weather Service predicting wind gusts up to 45 mph in the Tri-Cities.

A cold front is forecast, bringing potentially high winds and colder temperatures.

The weather service has issued a wind advisory from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Friday.

Friday morning, a west wind is expected to build to sustained speeds of 24 to 29 mph, with gusts topping 40 mph.

Watch out for blowing tumbleweeds on Friday. The National Weather Service forecasts wind gusts of up to 44 mph in the Tri-Cities. Tri-City Herald File

The wind should decrease Friday night, but gusts of up to 31 mph are still possible.

Temperatures will be cooling, with highs in the lower 60s Saturday and Sunday in the Tri-Cities and dropping as low as 54 degrees by Wednesday, according to early forecasts by the National Weather Service.

Cloudy skies and a chance of rain Friday morning and Sunday should keep nighttime temperatures fairly moderate for November until early next week. The low could drop to near freezing Tuesday night.

However, the month of November could be warmer than usual in the Tri-Cities, according to the weather service.

In a typical November highs at the start of the month are around 57 degrees and drop to about 43 at the end of the month. Lows drop from about 37 to about 30.

Precipitation for the month should be close to the normal of slightly more than an inch.

There should be plenty of leaves to clean up in the coming weekend after a wind storm forecast for the Tri-Cities on Friday. File Tri-City Herald

October temperatures were close to normal in the Tri-Cities. But there were some cold nights, particularly mid month.

There were eight days with temperatures below freezing at the Pasco airport.

The Hanford Meteorological Station, which has daily weather data back to about 1944, reported that one temperature record was set. The high of 71 on Oct. 26 beat the previous record high of 69 set in 1992.

Precipitation was a little above normal for the month, with enough rain to measure falling on seven days.

This month precipitation should be near normal, according to the weather service.

Peak wind speed for last month in the Tri-Cities was 42 mph, reported on Oct. 2 at the Pasco airport. A gust of 48 mph was reported the same day at the Hanford met station.

Capture oct pasco 2018.PNG
Here’s the weather summary for October at the Tri-Cities Airport. Temperatures were close to normal. Courtesy National Weather Service

Tips for windy weather

To prepare for the wind, Tri-City area residents may want to bring lawn furniture and garbage cans indoors and lower basketball hoops on free-standing poles to the ground.

Trampolines should be turned upside down and have a weight placed over them. Residents with above-ground pools can leave some water in them to anchor them to the ground.

Know where you have a flashlight, in case there is a power outage.

If an electric range, iron or toaster oven is on when power goes out, be sure to turn them off to prevent a possible fire when power is restored, according to tips from the Benton PUD.

Turning off items that use electricity during an outage can also help restore power faster. If the electric system is overloaded as power is restored, it can go out again.

Benton PUD also warns not to use generators or other devices that do not rely on electricity, such as barbecues or portable heaters, in doors because the toxic fumes they produce can be deadly.

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