Night and Sunday taxi service comes to screeching halt for Ben Franklin Transit

Courtesy A-1 Tri-City Taxi

The company providing night, Sunday and taxi feeder service for Ben Franklin Transit Services announced Tuesday night that it would shut down for good at midnight.

The transit service posted on its website that those services provided by A-1 Tri-City Taxi and its 60 employees would be suspended until further notice.

Ben Franklin Transit said it is aggressively working toward a solution..

It also will immediately begin working with schools, employers and others who rely on the taxi service under its contract.

A-1 Tri-City Taxi has been in business for nearly 40 years and a partner to the transit service for 16 years..

The taxi company said its sudden closure was due to unforeseen circumstances and that shutting down had been a difficult decision.

Ben Franklin Transit will be taking calls on its customer service line at 509-735-5100, but warned that call volumes might cause longer than usual wait times.