Public Records

Mid-Columbia building permits for week ending May 12

Grain Communication, 218406 East SR397, Benton County, antenna/tower, $20,000.

American Tower, 31705 E. Wilgus Road, Benton County, antenna/tower, $15,000.

Kennewick School, 930 W. Fourth Ave., Kennewick, public building, $13,300; heat pump/hvac, $1,275,000; plumbing, $1,130,000.

Port of Kennewick, 104 Clover Island Drive, Kennewick, new commercial, $40,000.

Wyo-Wash Corporation, 404 N. Columbia Center Blvd., Kennewick, commercial addition, $31,550.

Port of Kennewick, 421 E. Columbia Drive, Kennewick, sign, $7,000.

Bleyhl Farm Services, 6705 Chapel Hill Blvd., Pasco, fire alarm system, $76,000.

Port of Pasco, 3210 Swallow Ave., Pasco, new commercial, $866,400.

Port of Pasco, 3510 Stearman Ave. 68, Pasco, commercial reroof, $71,350.

Tri-Cities Retirement Inn, 2000 N. 22nd Ave., Pasco, fire alarm system, $7,000.

K&S Family Enterprise, 1131 N. Utah Ave., Pasco, tenant improvements, $9,803.

Kevin Denhoed, 1812 Road 36, Pasco, demolition, $5,000.

Sara Haws-Taylor, 1950 Keene Road, Richland, new commercial, $396,740.

Central Washington Corn Processors, 3334 Logston Blvd.-L, Richland, new commercial, $919,496.

Port of Benton, 2220 Airport Way, Richland, new commercial, $332,640.

Tapteal Apartments, 1775 Columbia Park Trail-100, Richland, tenant improvements, $123,000.

Share House LLC, 2444 Saddle Way, Richland, heat pump/hvac, $11,280.

City of West Richland, 3803 W. Van Giesen St., West Richland, commercial reroof, $37,800.