Light Notes

My Easter list should have been longer with this at the top

Lucy Luginbill

There’s an item I’ve added to my Easter list, something that should have been at the top. That moment of realization came one morning when I paused for thought – and then added this prayer.

“Hi, Father, It’s me again. Seems like I’m always coming to you with something.

What? That’s what you’re here for? Well, thanks for reminding me that no matter what is on my heart, you’re here to listen.

So, what’s worrying me today? Well, to be honest, I think I may have left something out of the Easter celebration.

Yes, I know it’s hard to believe I’d forget anything. You know my to-do lists – and me.

So far, I’m just about ready for the Big Day. The chocolate bunnies are arranged in the baskets, and the Easter eggs are colored, too. And remember the cute cards I bought, the ones with the chickens and ducks on them? Well, they’re off in the mail, guaranteed to bring a smile.

I’ve even decorated the house with fresh spring flowers, bought the ham and cross-buns and invited friends in for the meal.

Besides that, there was a wonderful sale on spring clothes. Since obviously you know me well, I don’t have to tell you I couldn’t resist the new dress – or the trendy handbag.

As of today, it looks like we’re ready for Easter.


And that’s why I’m in prayer with you, Father.

In the days leading up to the observance, I’m embarrassed to say I’ve left out one thing.

Your Son.

The very reason we’re celebrating.

In the midst of the bunnies and baskets, there’s not much room for him. It seems he’s been pushed aside, lost and forgotten in the pastel frills of the season. Sadly, his recognition level lags somewhere behind the Easter Bunny.

I’m partly responsible for this state of affairs, so I’m here, Father, to ask you to please forgive me.

What’s that you say? You already have? Well that’s just what I needed to hear.

Thanks for the reminder that this is what Easter is all about – forgiveness and love. Thank you, too, Father, for sending Jesus to us so the world can have eternal hope.

While I’m on this subject, let me tell your Son thank you for all he has done. I know he’s right there with you.

After all, he is the Risen Savior. Hallelujah!”

Lucy Luginbill is a syndicated Tri-City Herald columnist, religion editor and career public television producer and host. Her popular Light Notes column reflects inspirational and faith-focused stories. She’s been working in journalism for more than 30 years.