Mid-Columbia births for March 24, 2019

Prosser Memorial Health, Prosser

PALOMAREZ — Brittani and Martin Guillen, Prosser, girl, March 12.

MCBRIDE — Heather and Kristopher, Bickleton, boy, March 12.

ROBLES HERNANDEZ — Anjelica and David Bradshaw, Zillah, boy, March 12.

ALANIZ — Keziah and Adam Sanchez, Sunnyside, boy, March 15.

MARTINEZ — Marina and Daniel Ramirez, Sunnyside, boy, March 15.

PENA — Jessica and Boston Alvord, Grandview, boy, March 15.

Trios Health, Kennewick

LUCZAK — Vanessa and Evan, Hermiston, girl, March 14.

BLANCAS — Christina and Robert Ruiz, Kennewick, boy, March 14.

BOWERS — Marisa and Bradley, Kennewick, boy, March 14.

GALVEZ — Teresita and Lionel Fuentes, Pasco, girl, March 15.

WATERS — Elizabeth and Jarrod Howell, Burbank, girl, March 16.

ALHAIK — Maisaa and Mohamad Alzoubi, Kennewick, boy, March 16.

MORAN — Suzette and David, Pasco, girl, March 16.

HUDSON — Kirsten and Eric Barnhart-Castorena, Pasco, girl, March 18.

GARCIA — Abigail and Angel Peña, Kennewick, girl, March 18.

RODRIGUEZ — Ingrid and Francisco Flores Salgado, Kennewick, boy, March 18.

REYES — Elizabeth and Aaron Massey, Richland, girl, March 18.

GARCIA — Adrianna and David Lopez, Pasco, girl, March 19.

Good Shepherd, Hermiston

LOPEZ — April, Hermiston, girl, March 12.

IMEL — Rhiannon and Bryce Buhl, Hermiston, boy, March 12.

JOAQUIN MATEO — Sebastiana and Jose Juan Pablo, Hermiston, boy, March 12.

DE LEON — Martha and Wilmer, Hermiston, boy, March 13.

HOFFMAN —Whitney and Andrew Eickstaedt, Hermiston, girl, March 14.

ELLIS — Erica and Matt, Echo, boy, March 14.

SANTANA SILVA — Karen and Michael Borden, Hermiston, girl, March 14.

RAMIREZ — Betzabeth and German Ayala, Hermiston, girl, March 15.