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As long as we live we are never out of God’s sight

Over 40 years ago our son, Chris, started Kindergarten while we were still living and serving in Othello. The town had experienced a lot of growth and children abounded. It was a fine place in which to live. We were thankful that it was also a good safe place.

Chris felt very excited about starting school. His mom, Linda, and I took turns walking with him the five or six blocks that it took to get to his destination.

At some point, Chris noticed that some of his classmates walked to school without a parental escort.

One day he told us that he would like to walk to school by himself, just like some of his friends did. Linda and I were not excited about the idea and suggested it would be better if we kept walking with him. He insisted that it would be all right and that we should allow him to march to his Kindergarten class all by himself. He wanted to do what so many of his friends were already doing.

The next morning after our discussion, young Chris got up as usual. We allowed him to head for school without a parent walking beside him.

However, we still wanted to keep an eye on him. I followed him, pacing myself at a half a block between him and me. Chris’ short legs were a machine of constant movement. He sometime glanced from side to side and he toddled along to school. I noticed that he stopped at each cross street, looked both ways, and continued his journey. He understood the need to play it safe.

Even though he did well, we kept up our half-block of surveillance until it became clear that he could really do this by himself. He did not realize it, but his parents were watching over him. They did this because they loved him.

When we read the Bible, we discover that as long as we live, God is watching over his children. One of many verses of interest is found in Psalm 121:8 (ESV). “The LORD will keep your going out and your coming in from this time forth and forever more.”

As long as we live, we are never out of God’s sight.

He loves us, cares about us, and looks after each one of his people. Sometimes he leads us away from troubles. Other times he leads us through them. In every case, he is personally interested in us wherever we are.

The theologians like to use big words to express what might take a paragraph of definition. They teach that God is “omnipresent.” That means that he is everywhere all the time. He never gets lost and he never loses us. He always cares for each one of us and he is always reachable.

Another theological word, “omniscient,” means that God knows absolutely everything — past, present, and future. He knows where we have been and where we are going. Even our hidden thoughts and fears are known to God.

A third word that describes God is “omnipotent.” He is all powerful. He has the ability to keep us from harm and to guide us through unfortunate situations. Nothing in the universe is more powerful than our God.

There are many more words that describe the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. The above three should give us comfort and confidence that nothing is too difficult for him. Wherever we go, whatever we fear, whatever we face, God is there. He looks out for us, helps us, protects us, and loves us.

We can take great comfort in knowing that the Lord is always with us and watches over us.

Rev. Richard M. Cary is a retired pastor and missionary with Assemblies of God and Christian author living in Pasco. Questions and comments should be directed to editor Lucy Luginbill in care of the Tri-City Herald newsroom, 333 W. Canal Drive, Kennewick, WA 99336. Or email