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Yogoman Burning Band plays July 27

The Yogoman Burning Band returns to the Tri-Cities, bringing its wide range of music styles July 27 to the Emerald of Siam nightclub in Richland.

"YBB plays an upbeat, vibrant mix of ska, soul, punk and urban beats, with a brass emphasis that has kept them voted the Best Booty Shakin' Music (by What's Up Music Magazine) for the past six years," said Dara Quinn, co-owner of the Emerald.

The band has been together since 2006, touring with such bands as Iron and Wine and Skatalities, she added.

But besides all the music, the band admits to an unconventional beginning.

Their website explains that a space creature named Yogoman hails from the planet Yog, where its inhabitants create ridiculous, quirky and uninhibited dance moves on a regular basis.

Yogoman landed in the Pacific Northwest, finding a willing human vessel through Jordan Rain, a Bellingham resident.

This invasion of the body snatchers story goes on to say Rain then formed the Yogoman Burning Band in 2006 in an effort to fire up the often subdued, dark and dank corner of the USA (specifically the Northwest), by inciting crowds of fans with the band's infectious and engaging ska/soul brass band style.

Rain is the band's drummer and lead vocalist. The rest of the band includes Michael Rain on bass and vocals, Mars Lindgren on trombone, vocals and percussion, Amanda Rhine on sax and vocals and Nelson Bell on tuba/sousaphone, trombone and percussion.

"By the end of a Yogoman show, you'll find yourself sweaty and lost in the infectious rhythms of the music, or on the dance floor with a permanent smile on your face," said Jennifer Castaldo, a spokeswoman for the band.

Showtime is 9 p.m. There is a $10 cover.

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