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Treat your kids to The Backyardigans Live!

Preschoolers unite! That could be called the credo of those Backyardigans -- Pablo the penguin, Tyrone the moose, Uniqua the purple spotted creature, Tasha the hippo and Austin the Kangaroo.

These Nickelodeon TV characters are part of a new national touring show that will stop in town Oct. 23.

On this tour, the loveable Backyardigans will take children on a trip back in time when gallant knights and fair damsels roamed the countryside.

The show, called Tale of the Mighty Knights, is based on the primetime Nickelodeon special that aired last January. It features Uniqua and Tyrone as knights who set out to recover the king's runaway egg.

Along the way, they run into a grabby goblin, played by Austin the kangaroo, and a flighty fairy, played by Tasha the hippo, who join the medieval quest to find the unruly egg. As the journey ventures forth, the four chums catch up to the egg only to find it has sprouted four legs and high-tails it to Dragon Mountain.

This is where the Backyardigans will turn to the audience for help in getting hold of the elusive egg.

The touring stage show was created by the same team that produces the TV series for Nick Jr., which includes Emmy-nominated writer Adam Peltzman and choreographer Beth Bogush.

The music in the show is featured on the CD Born to Play, which was released earlier this year, and includes 22 tracks including the rock opera ballad Not an Egg.

The Backyardigans tour also stops in Yakima's Capitol Theatre at 4 and 7 p.m Oct. 22. For more information, go to

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