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Filmmaker premiering 'Deception' on Aug. 23

Filmmaker Andrew Mitchell, 22, will premiere his film Deception on Aug. 23 in the Benton County PUD auditorium.

Mitchell, from Richland, wrote, edited and directed the film, which was filmed here and is performed by an all-volunteer cast, all of whom are Tri-City actors.

Those actors include Melissa Schenter, Chris Giadrosish, Sergio Bueno, Brad Steiner, Ted Miller, Michael Bolton, Max Vondermehden, Nathan Dirkmatt, Jennifer Morbacher, Jenn Atwood, April Wimble and Kirk Fletcher.

The film's storyline follows two serial killers who go on a killing spree in Washington. Authorities are stumped with no solid leads, leaving the killers free to terrorize people across the state.

That is, until one of the killers gets clumsy and a woman witnesses him dumping a body in a river. Her testimony leads to his arrest and conviction, but the good deed pays a high price.

The convicted killer's accomplice is intent on revenge and kidnaps the woman's two children, holding them for ransom. It's up to two detectives to hunt him down before the murderer decides to kill again.

"I wrote the first draft of this script in 2005," Mitchell said. "But the project never got off the ground."

He then completed a short film, Wardrobe Malfunction, which eventually won third place at the Columbia Basin Video Festival in 2007.

"I was motivated to raise the bar and do something serious and dramatic after that," Mitchell said. "So, I thought it was time to give Deception a green light."

Showtime is 2 p.m. Admission is free. Because of the subject matter, the film is not recommended for children.

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