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Acclaimed artist, WSU art professor to show work in latest DrewBoy Creative show

Douglas Gast’s “It Could Be Made into a Picture” will be at Richland’s DrewBoy Creative gallery.
Douglas Gast’s “It Could Be Made into a Picture” will be at Richland’s DrewBoy Creative gallery.

Douglas Gast has lived all over the place.

But in the Tri-Cities, the acclaimed artist and art professor has found a good fit.

“It’s a great community – the perfect size. It’s experiencing growth, something that means possibility,” he said.

Part of that growth is in the local art scene, which is particularly exciting for Gast, who teaches at Washington State University Tri-Cities.

“If you move to Seattle or Portland, their scene is already established. Here, we’re working to build it. It makes more of an impact,” he said.

Gast is contributing to the scene by taking part Friday in the latest show at DrewBoy Creative gallery in Richland.

Called “An Art Show by the Society of Artists Who Make Things for People to Look At,” the exhibition will feature work from more than a dozen creators.

Gast is showing two pieces, both archival digital prints on canvas. They’re called “It Could Be Made into a Picture,” and “An Aesthetic Object.”

An opening event is 6 to 9 p.m. at the gallery, 285 Williams Blvd.

Gast is an associate professor of fine arts at WSU Tri-Cities, and administers the bachelor of fine arts and Digital Technology & Culture programs.

His own personal artwork aims to “identify and make use of the elements of the media that are fundamental to its definition” and create “physical and conceptual spaces where thought and communication can occur,” according to his artist statement.

His work is designed to be “thought through, instead of being thought of. It calls into question a variety of controversial socio-political situations.”

He was intrigued by the theme of the latest DrewBoy show, he said, and encourages people to check it out.

“It’s going to be interesting to see new work and work that hasn’t been shown here in the Tri-Cities,” he said. “It’s going to be a really interesting show.”

DrewBoy is the brainchild of Davin Diaz. Admission to Friday’s event is free, although a $4 donation is suggested.