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Richland native has new zombie-themed self help book

A Richland native has a popular new self help book out.

Harlan Wheeler’s A Zombie Guide to Self-Help is available on through Beachwood Publishing Co.

Wheeler lives in Brightwood, Ore. He grew up in Richland.

“Even when you think you have a deep sense of clarity, the chaotic world around us can be smoggy, suffocating and confusing, and this book is a great reminder that we need to pay attention in ways we’ve never really had to in the past,” Wheeler said in a statement about his new book. “It all comes down to this: Don’t let the ghouls steal your dreams!”

Wheeler is the author of five nonfiction books, including The Gratitude Journey: from Jellyfish to Bigfoot. He’s also a poet whose writings have appeared in Dead Flowers, A Poetry Rag, Dark Matter, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine and Great Weather for Media, Bohemian Pupil Press and more.

He calls himself an “inspirationologist.” Find him on Facebook, Amazon and at