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2019 Best Coffee: Roasters Coffee

In early 2009 Roasters Coffee opened their first location in the parking lot of the Red Lion in Pasco. Owners Wes and Shannon Heyden maxed out their credit cards and set goals to be a community driven company that the Tri-Cities could call their own.

The success that followed was built on the early support of local customers and the diehard baristas that grabbed hold of the mission. The mission statement for Roasters, “We exist first to make exceptional coffee, once we have great coffee we then serve one another and in serving we find meaning, we fulfill our purpose.”

Roasters has never wavered from its mission and in doing so the company has expanded to 11 retail locations in Tri-Cities and Walla Walla with 6 more stores going up over the next 18 months. A new location is currently being built off of 27th Ave in Kennewick and two new locations, both in south Richland, will be completed by next Spring. Also, plans are in place to continue to grow outside Tri-Cities in Spokane, Airway Heights, and in Yakima.

Heyden says, “When I first came up with the Roasters concept I deeply wanted to serve the Tri-Cities people. I have a deep gratitude to the local people of this community and have committed to always improve our business to serve the communities we are part of. We will never stop getting better and will always give back what we receive. Roasters exists to serve.”

In addition to adding new locations Roasters is committed to giving back. In the last 12 months Roasters has given $36,832.76 to 12 different local charities during their monthly Community Giving Days. Their next Community Giving Day will be June 24th and all proceeds raised will be donated to the local chapter of Royal Family Kids Camp.

1. Roasters Coffee

Multiple Mid-Columbia Locations


2. Dutch Brothers Coffee

Multiple Mid-Columbia Locations


3. The Local

8530 W. Gage Blvd. E, Kennewick


5453 Ridgeline Dr., #140, Kennewick