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2019 Best Microbrewery/Distillery: Ice Harbor Brewing Company

Ice Harbor Brewing Co. at the Marina.
Ice Harbor Brewing Co. at the Marina. Courtesy photo

Ice Harbor Brewing Co., co-owned by Mike Hall and Bill Jaquish, has been serving beer and an array of food options to Tri-Citians for 22 years.

For the seventh straight year, the Tri-Cities has spoken. They have voted Ice Harbor Brewery as the “Best Microbrewery or Distillery” in the Tri-Cities.

There are two locations for Ice Harbor Brewing Co.: their original location in downtown Kennewick on Benton Street and their location on Clover Island.

Ice Harbor Brewing prides itself on keeping its selection of beer fresh and new for customers.

They focus on how to “improve the diversity and quality” of the beers to ensure this happens. One recent addition is a new beer called the “Maiden Washington Blonde,” with all its ingredients coming from agricultural sources within Washington.

Ice Harbor is a brewing company that loves to give back to the community as well. Whether it be the Boys and Girls Club, or something else, Ice Harbor wants to be involved.

Co-owner Mike Hall says, “I believe in giving back to the community. It’s the right thing to do.” In a place that knows regulars by name, the servers “make sure everyone feels welcome.”

That feeds into the family-friendly environment and combines with a dedication to customers and product, making Ice Harbor Brewing the best in town.

1. Ice Harbor Brewing Company

7x winner!

206 N. Benton St., Kennewick


350 Clover Island Drive, Kennewick


2. Bombing Range Brewing Company

2000 Logston Blvd. #126, Richland


3. D’s Wicked Cider

9312 W. 10th Ave., Kennewick