Readers' Choice

2019 Best Company to Work For: Family First Dental

Established in 2001, Family First Dental has created a workplace environment that has allowed the staff to thrive.

It starts from the top-down with Dr. James Carey and Dr. Michael Pratt, President and Vice President of Family First Dental respectively, leading the way.

Family First Dental has proved that when you “have the best hiring practices, give people the tools they need, and create the right environment, it brings out the best in your staff, says Marketing Director and Executive Assistant David Orozco.

Because of that support through their three locations in Kennewick, Family First Dental has been voted “Best Company to Work for” for the 2019 Tri-City Herald’s People’s Choice Awards.

Having a team with great chemistry feeds into a workplace that “feels homey” and leads to patients being treated respectfully and properly, and “patients are treated like family.” Happy employees correlates to happy customers. This is what makes Family First Dental the best company in town to work for.

1. Family First Dental

7521 W. Deschutes Ave., Kennewick, WA


419 N. Yelm St., Kennewick, WA


804 S. Washington St., Kennewick, WA


2. Lifetime Dental Care

2469 Queensgate Drive, Richland


3. Gesa Credit Union

Multiple Mid-Columbia locations